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The ATD23 Virtual Platform is available here:

Please login using the email you used to register and your confirmation code. This code was sent to you from email beginning on May 17.

  • Please check your junk/spam folder if you did not receive this email. 
  • Please reach out to for questions.

Need your confirmation number?

  • Click here and click "Request Confirmation Number" and then "Forgot your confirmation number?"
  • Enter your full name and email.
  • And click "Submit" to have your confirmation number sent to you by email.

ATD23: Creating A World That Works Better

We're heading back to San Diego!

Login to set up your attendee profile and begin planning your ATD23 experience. The login and profile you set up now will be your login to the ATD23 Conference Mobile App (set to launch in May). We recommend using the same email you used or planned to use to register for ATD23. You are not required to register for ATD23 to use this website.

The conference agenda you have built here and the exhibitors you favorite will be available in the Mobile App once it launches in May. 

Once logged in, you will be able to:
  • Favorite sessions and create your personalized ATD23 schedule.
  • Browse Exhibitors and review their supporting company materials before traveling to San Diego.
  • Create a profile for yourself to connect with other ATD23 participants.
  • Browse networking events to maximize your conference experience.

Log in to create a personal itinerary (My Agenda)
You are welcome to browse the program; however, you will not be able to create a personalized "My Agenda" until you are logged in.

Adding Favorites and creating Your Agenda
Once you are logged in, you can select the star to the right of the session title. Selecting the star allows you to add the session to your itinerary. Once added, you can view your selected session in the “My Agenda” portion of your profile, manage your favorites and even add comments about the session.

Session Details
Select the title of a session in your search results to open a pop-up box that provides the complete information for that session. You can read the description, and speaker bio, and view the applications on the job (if provided). If you want to add a particular session to your personal itinerary, you may select the star next to the title. This turns the session to a "Favorite” and will be designated as a session to add to your agenda. Click the star again to remove it from your agenda. It allows you to search and view all the education sessions by date, time, audience, track, speaker, or keyword.

Visit the Exhibitor Directory
Favoriting exhibitors will allow you to build your "want to meet" list once you arrive onsite. This list will carry over to the ATD23 Mobile App once it launches in May.

Attending Virtually?
Suppose you are attending ATD23 virtually and want to connect with Exhibitors. In that case, you can click on the request information button to have a representative from that company reach out to you, view their resources, and visit their website.

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